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What Services are Available?

At the COPD Center, the following comprehensive clinical services are available:

Patient Services:

  • In-depth management by a COPD specialist
  • 24-hour access to a physician COPD expert
  • Pulmonary fitness program including cardiopulmonary exercise testing, assessment of oxygen needs, and Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy evaluations and prescriptions
  • Extensive pulmonary function testing
  • Opportunities for participation in research on new therapies for COPD
  • Evaluation/screening for lung volume reduction surgery

Patient Education:

  • Educational sessions in COPD treatment and control:
    - Understanding chronic lung disease
    - Nutrition and respiratory disease
    - Tools for fitness
    - Oxygen therapy
    - Coping with illness
    - Respiratory medications
    - Stress reduction
    - COPD self-management
    - Intimacy and chronic lung disease
  • "Windpiper's" support group for UCLA patients with COPD
  • "Freedom from Smoking" stop smoking seminars/clinics
  • "Inspiration" news letter
  • "Inspiration" the UCLA COPD Program newsletter

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